Spray foam technician working.

Spray Foam Insulation: Why You Want to this Energy Efficiency Hack

Every homeowner deals with the rollercoaster of heating and cooling bills. In fact, there really isn’t a way around it. We all adjust our thermostats and use tricks just to save some money on our energy bills. Also, the average homeowner has probably looked into solar, water-saving toilets, or other things to just SAVE MONEY.

Most don’t know about the one insulation technology saving homeowners hundreds. Continue reading “Spray Foam Insulation: Why You Want to this Energy Efficiency Hack”

Residential Roofing job being done by a roof technician

4 Tips To Picking the Best Roofer

Tired of hiring a roofer that promises a lot yet underdelivers?

Been there!

Picking a roofer is confusing at best and costly at worst. Additionally, most cities and states have hundreds of roofing companies that say the exact same thing. How can someone make a choice when they are all identical?

Plus, there are many aspects that need to be considered. For instance, what is the cost, how long will the project take, can they be trusted when no one is watching, etc.

There are 4 tips every home and building owner should know when deciding on a roofing contractor. Continue reading “4 Tips To Picking the Best Roofer”

Inside of a commercial building.

Energy Efficient Building Technologies You May Not Know About

You work hard to take care of your business by taking inventory, having great customer service, taking care of employees, etc. However, if you aren’t taking care of your building, you may not realize that you are losing money. Here are some energy efficient methods and technologies that can save you money on your commercial building. Continue reading “Energy Efficient Building Technologies You May Not Know About”