How much does a new roof cost?

How much does a new roof cost?

The time of year has come when warm weather takes the place of cold weather. Summer is coming soon and we can’t wait to enjoy the warm weather. However, spring and summer can bring something to make you regret celebrating: stormy weather. Also, if you know that your house is older, you could be wondering what damage or issues a storm could bring. You also know that the roof is old and may not last another stormy day. So you ask yourself: How much does a new roof cost? There are some factors to consider:

  • The steep of the roof
  • Skylights being added or replaced
  • Repair of the decking

It is also good to know what goes into a residential roofing project

This will help you get an idea as to the processes your roofing contractor has to through.

Residential Roofing

How much does a new roof cost?
“How much does a new roof cost?” Is a loaded question.

Asking the question, “How much does a new roof cost?” is a really, really loaded question. In fact, most roof companies will take that as, “How much does it cost for labor and material?” On average, a residential roof costs around $275 per square foot. It is really hard to answer the question of pricing when the roofing company doesn’t know the square feet of the roof. Also, we are just referring to a roof replacement. If a homeowner is asking for a roof repair quote, that is completely different.

Residential Roof Repair

Repairing a roof may sound easier than replacing. However, there are many factors that are included in the cost of a roof:

  • Roof Valley Repairs
  • Skylight Repairs
  • Roof Decking Repairs

Now, these are very similar to the factors that can contribute to pricing a roof replacement also.

Cost of Shingles

Here are some links to various roof shingle manufacturers to help you get a better idea of price and quality:

  1. Owens Corning
  2. CertainTeed
  3. GAF


There are many considerations that need to addressed before the end of this article. In this article, we have only addressed residential roofing. However, commercial roofs are a completely different story. Also, we haven’t covered metal roofing, tile, or flat roofs. “How much does a new roof cost?” in regards to metal, commercial, and tile will have to be an article for another time.

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