Spray Foam Insulation

Benefits Of Our High-Performance Spray Foam Insulation

Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Outside Pollutants

Minimize Outside Noise

AC 377 Appendix X Compliant

Open Cell and Closed Cell Foam Available For Installation

IES offers all types of spray foam insulation for walls, attics, and crawl spaces. In fact, spray foam provides an air barrier, insulates and seals in one application. Also, it offers superior performance and value to regular fiberglass insulation. It is ideal for Residential and Commercial applications for both new construction and renovation projects.

Energy Efficiency

Save 50-60% on your heating and cooling bills!

These are the savings that can happen when you apply spray foam to your entire house. Even just applying spray foam in just your roof deck can save you 30-40% on your heating and cooling bills.

Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

Save Money

Have we mentioned that you can save a ton of cash with spray foam insulation? Even if you decide to only put spray foam in the roof deck of your home or business, you would still save 30-40% on your heating and cooling bills. A building with spray foam in the walls and the roof deck can save you 50-60% on your bills. In fact, the average American spends $1,000 on their heating and cooling bills; imagine the savings with spray foam.

Environmentally Friendly

Nowadays, at least half a dozen companies have created environmentally friendly spray foam. In fact, Demilec, one of our suppliers, has developed insulation that has an eco-friendly label. Plus, spray foam insulation reduces energy expenditure and allows a building to help the environment.

Long Lifespan

Unlike other fiberglass or blow-in, spray foam doesn’t degrade over time. This saves the building owner money and ensures that you won’t have to deal with sagging insulation.

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