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Performance Coatings

Roof coatings are a popular option to extend the life of your current roofing system and mitigate leaks.  Coatings provide a less costly option than a roof replacement and warranties are available as well.  Call IES Roofing today to discuss your options and determine whether a silicone or acrylic coating will provide you the best solution for your roof.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Seamless Roof System

Coatings create a monolithic roof system which means the coatings system can take a membrane roof and create a seamless roof system, creating a waterproof seal for your roof and reducing and eliminating leaks.

Energy Efficient

Not only does a coating system negate a tear off, but it also reduces the energy expenditure of a building. Silicone is one great reflective coating that reduces the heat build up on the roof.


Renewable Warranties

Not only do our coatings have 10, 15, and 20-year warranties, but they may also be extended at the end of the warranties with a simple re-coat. These re-coats are very minimal because coatings are long lasting and degrade very slowly over time.

INVEST in your roof

Your roof is critical to protecting your business’ assets. If not done right, your office, inventory, and property could be at risk.
Your roof could also be costing you thousands over time. Roofs that are not energy efficient lose heat and air more than the energy efficient coatings we treat our roofs with. 

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